When it comes to kitchens and cabinets, the newest trend is aluminium which has been making it to the top of most people’s selections. Aluminium kitchen cabinets are the greatest solution for kitchens that need lightweight yet want to look stylish. You may select from several styles and features. A comprehensive aluminium kitchen cabinet restricts not just to an aluminium kitchen cabinet door or front panels. Aluminium is used in the manufacture of most kitchen cabinets, it’s lightweight, corrosion-resistant and very durable.

The Benefits of Using Aluminum Kitchen Cabinets

1. Simple to maintain and long-lasting

It is preferable to pick an aluminium kitchen cabinet that will not reveal stains and will not require regular cleaning. Spills may be quickly removed with a moist towel, and the cabinet can be cleaned with only water.

2. High-temperature resistance

Aluminum is a metal that is used to make aluminium foil, aluminium siding, and other products. It has a far greater maximum working temperature than wood, therefore it can keep heat better when used to heat items.

3. Fire protection

The fact that aluminium is fire resistant adds an added layer of security to the home. It can readily tolerate high heat without burning, whereas wood will catch fire. This metallic feature contributes to being the king of kitchen cabinet materials.

4. Waterproof

The level of humidity in the wood is one of the primary reasons of wood decay. It can no longer withstand significant loads of use after being damaged. Aluminum is the greatest material for kitchen cabinets in terms of strength and chemical resistance.

5. Free of pests

Unlike wooden kitchen cabinets, aluminium provides no refuge or food for bugs, allowing us to be pest-free.

6. Good quality

As a result of a widespread problem with aluminium standard levels, which causes them to be less durable, many people are opting for cabinet materials such as hardwood. To avoid this, ensure that your professional contractor or interior designer uses aluminium that has been thoroughly tested and verified.

7. Clean and odourless

If you have wooden or fiberboard kitchen cabinets, you are certainly familiar with the odours they emit. Aluminium kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, are not prone to the same kind of issues as wood or fiberboard kitchen cabinets. Because it is odourless and more sanitary than other materials, aluminium is the perfect choice for interior doors. Because aluminium does not attract microorganisms and does not enable them to breed, it is simple to keep clean. You don’t have to be concerned about mould or mildew forming on your kitchen cabinets.

8. Look of a modern kitchen

Using an aluminium kitchen cabinet will undoubtedly give your kitchen a sense of modern style. With the right lighting, your room can serve as both a sanctuary for your family and a great view of your home.

The drawbacks of aluminium kitchen cabinets

1. a lot of noise

Many individuals are opposed to aluminium because of the noise it produces. If you use a cabinet that was fitted by inexperienced personnel, you may have to conduct extensive rework afterwards. Many manufacturers do not design their products with installation requirements in mind. When hiring professionals, you should exercise extreme caution and select a knowledgeable, skilled architect for any of your home projects. This type of occurrence will never occur in your kitchen. 

2. Surface prone to scratches

It is a good heat-resistant material, however it is not scratch-resistant. The doors might be damaged if they are kicked in the incorrect way. Even the tiniest scratch can be painted over. Because of the damage, the door must be replaced.

3. A little costly

Although aluminium is more expensive than wood, it is a good investment. Home remodelling is a time-consuming and costly undertaking that needs meticulous planning and preparation in order to produce an excellent completed product. A decent aluminium kitchen cabinet that will endure for more than ten years is an excellent investment. The look and feel of aluminium kitchen cabinets will appeal to you. They are long-lasting, easy to clean, moisture-resistant, and versatile.

Kitchen cabinet finishing in aluminium

The type of paint chosen might have an impact on the quality of the cabinet’s finish. Most paints on the market today are water-based, which can reduce the structural strength of metal. Using high-quality stainless steel paint on kitchen cabinets with an aluminium foundation is the finest option. Stainless steel paint lasts much longer than other types of paint. If you use paint that isn’t meant for the job, the finish will peel and flake off over time.

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