In daily life, the chance of using Bao Fu Ling is very high, as long as it is skin-related problem, Bao Fu Ling is always the right choice. Usually there are three types of scenario that you need Bao Fu Ling. The first one is accidental burns or scalds. Even though we do not want this to happen, but if it does, and when proper handling is not there, it may leave a large scar, especially to the children, it would affect their whole life. If Bao Fu Ling is being kept at home, just apply to the wound right after the burn or scald, only 10 minutes, the pain will disappear, no blistering, no swelling. If there is already blistering, apply Bao Fu Ling after squeezing out the blisters, only three to five days, the wound will completely recover without scars.

The second scenario is curing various skin diseases, such as dermatitis, eczema, acute and chronic urticaria, rubella, skin allergies, psoriasis, sunburn, frostbite, athlete’s foot, acne, etc. Dermatitis and eczema can be completely cured using Bao Fu Ling for 15 days, and for young man’s acne, it takes only about seven days to disappear. For athlete’s foot or tineamanusandpedis, there will be significant relief by applying Bao Fu Ling for 10 days. In the country with winter season, frostbite can also be cured in about ten days.

The third scenario is hemorrhoids, in Chinese slang, ,it says “nine out of ten people have hemorrhoids” it means hemorrhoids is a common problem, no matter it is internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids or mixed hemorrhoids, as long as Bao Fu Ling is applied, they all can be cured in about 20 days. There are many unexpected circumstances everyday so we recommend every household to have Bao Fu Ling ready at home, it is like having a private doctor ready for contingency.

Bao Fu Ling Reviews

Burns or Scalds Full recovery in 3 to 5 days without scars.
Skin Diseases Using Bao Fu Ling for 15 days, dermatitis, eczema, acnes can all be cured.
Athlete’s foot Significant relief after applying for 10 days.
Hemorrhoids No matter it is internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids or mixed hemorrhoids, in 20 days they all can be cured.

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