Ecommerce  in general can be interpreted as a sale and purchase transaction electronically through the internet media. In addition, e-commerce can also be interpreted as a business process using electronic technology that connects companies, consumers and the public in the form of electronic transactions and the exchange or sale of goods, services, and information electronically. In doing E-Commerce the use of the internet is a favorite choice by most people because of the conveniences possessed by the internet network, namely:

Benefits of E-Commerce for Business and Consumers

From a business standpoint, E-Commerce provides many benefits for entrepreneurs. Some of the benefits of e-commerce in the business world include:

Benefits of e-commerce for business people

  • Ease of buying and selling activities
  • Cut marketing costs
  • Ease of communicating with consumers and producers
  • Can reach a wider target market
  • Information dissemination is easier and faster
  • The payment process is easier and faster

Benefits of E-Commerce for Consumer

  • Consumers can shop more easily 24 hours a day throughout the year
  • Consumers can see a variety of product choices that are considered the best at the most appropriate prices
  • Consumers can buy products and services at an easier cost after making comparisons with various e-commerce sites

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