Google AdWords  is an advertising platform from Google where we can manage our business ads. Here we can set the placement of ads on Google Search or the Google network, location of target markets, languages, etc.

The AdWords advertising platform is your best friend in online marketing. Understanding what are the features and advantages of this tool, will increase your business and sales.

With the increasingly complex features in it, our ability to plan online marketing strategies is unlimited.

There are 3 types of AdWords ads provided by google:

  • Google Search Advertising

Google search advertising allows your website ads to appear above Google Search results, especially when your potential customers are interested in the products and services you sell. You can only pay when your prospect clicks on your website ad.

  • Google Display Network

Google Adwords’ display ads enable your business to appear on over 2 million websites and over 650000 applications. Promote your business as a Text, Application, Image Banner, Gmail Ad, or Rich Media Animation

  • Adwords Remarketing

Convert your website visitors / leads to regular buyers / sellers with NUWEB. Follow up with people who came to your site early and advertised their products the most. Reconnect with your site visitors with relevant ads.

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