Looking for Filipino Maid in Malaysia?

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Agensi Pekerjaan Quantum Services Sdn Bhd (APQ) is well experience Filipino Maid Agency in Malaysia. They start from screening process and make sure all the Filipino Maid that work at your house are hardworking, reliable and trusted.
Filipino Maid
APQ is One-Stop Filipino Maid Agency in Malaysia that provide professional maid application process, passport renewal, working permit renewal, ticketing service, maid insurance, FOMEMA and more.
Filipino Maid Training Centre
APQ also provide Filipino Maid training centre. They will make sure all their Filipino Maid must attend all this causes to enhance their knowledge and household management skills in Malaysia.

More over, you as employer will be able to conduct interview with your Filipino Maid. And APQ is the only maid agency in town that only collect RM500 as deposit.

For you info about this Filipino Maid Agency, kindly call 1300-88-8485 or visit http://www.apqmaidagency.com.my/. They are open every day from 9am to 7pm!