ORM (Online Reputation Management) is one of services in social media & the web to discover what people are saying about your product, brand, market or competition.  It also aims to keep your reputation up from any negative comments and ensure you never miss important discussions.

Why ORM is important?

ORM is important because they will maintain a good reputation of your brand, products and services through social media. research shows that 42% of users are learning new products and services on twitter. 71% of companies recognize medial social can improve their marketing.

Users now spend 20% to 40% more with the companies involved and respond to customers through social media. 85% of consumers research or ask online before making a purchase decision.

ORM Services:

  • Monitor Who Mentions

They will help to monitor conversation related to your company over media social.

  • Monitor What They Said

They will help to find out what is said on the topic, what kinds of contexts, what group or people participate over social media and the web.

  • Monitor in Real – Time

You will get instant and real-time data at a click – No need to wait for your data to be collected and processed. Get all the data in real time 24/7 – just when you need it any time!

  • Keep Your Reputation Up

You will never miss an important discussion and react to any negative comments to keep your reputation up! Join the conversations and respond to customers instantly.

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