If you are planning an office relocation, bear in mind that moving office furniture is not a job for your staff. Even if you know how to carry and move big goods securely, moving your workplace furniture might result in a strained muscle or a back injury. Professional movers safely transport large office furniture without harm or damage.

Hiring a professional to move your office furniture not only eliminates the chance of (and liability for) an accident to one of your employees, but it also protects your investment and assures your furniture will look and operate as well in the new location as it does in the old. Office movers use highly qualified professionals that can disassemble and reassemble modular furniture systems in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Professional movers understand the need of meticulous preparation in an office move. Depending on the area and architecture of your present and future offices, as well as the position of existing electrical, network, and phone outlets, reconfiguration of cubicles and office furniture systems may be necessary. Discuss this with the moving company you select.

Hire expert office furniture movers to ensure your safety and prevent the danger of additional fees and missed output. Even if you hire pros, you and your staff will have a lot to accomplish before and after the relocation. The following suggestions will assist you:

1. Provide each employee with a box to pack his or her desk or cubicle items a day or two before moving day. Remove all things from your employees’ workstations and place them in the moving containers, carefully wrapping any delicate objects. To save container space, they might integrate office possessions with those of other employees being transferred in the nearby region at the new location. Fill envelopes with little objects like pencils and paper clips and place the envelopes in the box. Tell your staff to bring any personal belongings with them instead of including them in the workplace transfer.

2. Most upright file cabinets may be relocated with their contents intact, but lateral cabinets should have their contents removed and packed in file boxes. Unbolt any gang-fastened-together file cabinets. If unbolting is done, files will be relocated upright and can be locked.

3. Remove and pack all supply cabinet contents. Cabinet doors should be locked, taped, or tied shut.

4. Remove all books from bookcases and stack them in a container on their ends.

5. Finish all packing before moving day. On a moving day, only those directly associated with the move should be present.

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