When it comes to decorating a new workplace with high quality office furniture, you have a number of options to consider. Of course, office seating is likely to be one of the most important considerations you’ll have to make, because the comfort of your employees should always come first.

Mesh office chairs are the newest additions to the furniture market. Have you never heard of them? It’s time to sit up and pay notice, because these chairs are sweeping over the office furniture market, and they come with a slew of additional perks.

Mesh is a terrific alternative to more traditional materials like leather or cloth. While these tried-and-true options will always have a place, perhaps it’s time to branch out? Maybe you want to be environmentally responsible and avoid using leather in your workplace design, or maybe you want something that is simpler to clean. In that situation, mesh is a viable alternative to consider.

Mesh office chairs, like anything else, have advantages and disadvantages, so let’s look at the pros and drawbacks to assist you make your selection while looking at new office space design possibilities.

The Benefits of Mesh Office Chairs

  • Ventilation and Breathability

Mesh office chairs, because they are mostly open, enable more air to flow while you’re seated on them. This means you’ll be cooler overall while working, and you won’t have that uncomfortable sweaty patch on the back of your thighs or lower back, which is especially annoying on hot days. This is a major issue with leather seats; you’ve probably stuck to the material and screeched your way out of one at some time, but not with mesh!

  • Simple to Keep

Mesh chairs are often lightweight and simplistic, making them simple to clean and maintain. All you have to do is wipe them clean with a damp towel and let them dry; unlike leather or fabric, there is no risk of tears because the mesh is engineered to be incredibly robust and tough. Similarly, because the chairs are lightweight, you can easily move them around.

  • Great Value for Money

You’ll find that a mesh chair is less expensive than a leather office chair. Despite their cheaper price, they nonetheless look the part and might easily fit in with your vision of opulent office furniture for your upcoming workplace renovation.

The Disadvantages of Mesh Office Chairs

  • Leather is more comfortable.

A mesh office chair is pleasant and supportive, and it will mold to your usual shapes, but it will never be as comfy as a huge leather office chair. The same may be true about high-end cloth chairs. For that reason, perhaps mesh office chairs are not suitable for very long hours at a computer screen.

  • Durability may become an issue over time.

Mesh chairs are incredibly robust and simple to clean, but they are not as durable as leather and might droop with time. This implies they will lose their supporting nature and will need to be replaced sooner than if you choose standard leather or cloth.

  • Design Options are Limited

While this may change as the popularity of mesh office chairs develops, there are now just a few styles to choose from, with the black or gray mesh color scheme being the most common. This restricted design may be a concern for some, but it is possible that it could alter in the near future when new colors are released to match brighter workplace decors and designs.

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