Bookkeeping can be the best reference for a business owner in designing a business strategy.  If bookkeeping is well done, a better strategy can be framed.

Is the bill always paid late?
How many customers would like to delay payments?
How is business cash flow?

These are the things that can be analyzed in bookkeeping.

Business owners need to get an experienced and skilled bookkeeper. This is because of the above data you want to see. In addition to making financial reports for tax purposes, a business strategy can be made by looking at bookkeeping.

Financial reports are the same as business performance.
To produce financial reports, bookkeeping is required first.

You can hire employees, freelancers or accounting firms to make bookkeeping activities.

As a business owner needs to understand the basics of bookkeeping. This is for you to know the work done by the bookkeeper and for us to analyze their business performance.

Share 10 bookkeeping foundations that business owners need to know.

  1. Cash Account
  2. Account Receivable
  3. Account Inventory
  4. Account Payable
  5. Loans payable
  6. Account Sales
  7. Account Purchases
  8. Payroll Expenses
  9. Owner Equity
  10. Retained Earnings

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